We hope you’re delighted with your order. If not, you have 14 days since receiving the goods to express a refund and another additional 14 days to return the item . Please note your returns must be delivered to us within this time, returns received beyond these periods will not be accepted and returned back to you. This is also the case with faulty items. Please see below.

The Driphub will not incur any delivery charges relating to returns.


Items must be in brand new condition and show no signs of wear with all original packaging. all tags labels and extras still attached. Original shoe boxes and other containers that products are sold in are considered part of the product and must also be returned in undamaged and unused condition. Items returned without their branded packaging will not be accepted.

We do not accept items that have been damaged by wear and tear, altered or washed incorrectly. Before washing please refer to the wash label inside the garment. When trying items on the item should not come into contact with perfumes, sprays, creams or other chemicals, and be sure to try shoes on a soft clean surface (carpeted surfaces are recommended). Please also ensure all items are kept away from pet hairs.

Please note that the product has to pass in house inspection to be deemed as a refund.

On your returns form you should be able to see our returns address. Please send your order to this address.